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What Resolution Should You Be Printing At?


You Are Probably Making This Mistake:
DSLR camera sensors are the modern equivalent of the film negative. When we size our images for print at 300 pixels per inch, we often only use a fraction of the genuine pixels available from our camera!

2 Ways We Can Help:
1) Click on the spreadsheet below to download our easy to follow mini spreadsheet, which gives you correct document resolution to suit your camera megapixels and size of inkjet print:

2) Watch the new "Inkjet Printing With Genuine Pixels" video course below that's free to view. Leave anyquestions or feedback in the form at the bottom of the page.

Inkjet Printing with Genuine Pixels:

1) Introduction

2) Film Negative vs Camera Sensor Pixels

3) No Full Frame DSLR? Does This Still Affect Me?

4) What Do The Experts Say?

5) 11" x 17" Print Comparisons (A3)

6) 8.5" x 11" / US Letter Print Comparisons (A4)

7) 5" x 7" Print Comparisons

8) 50MP Worked Examples

9) 36MP Worked Examples

10) 24MP Worked Examples

11) FAQs

12.1) Conclusion Pt.1

12.2) Conclusion Pt.2



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